At Practical Creative, you work with our small but mighty staff, the same people, every time. Your business is our priority. Why? Because if you're not a success, neither are we.
Kim Just
Creative Director

In her prior corporate life as an engineering project specialist at Apple Computer, Kim was on the fast track to project management fame. With the advent of the internet and two fast growing boys, Kim became more interested in the success of Practical Creative (circa 2002) and supporting good business practices to support growing businesses. The internet allows Practical Creative to serve businesses locally and nationally, and customer service is only a phone call away. 209.835.9073

David Just
Customer Service Manager,
Support Ninja

Practical Intern turned Customer Service Manager, David Just enters the fray with design and customer service experience. Completed maintenance items and support tickets dot the landscape as David journeys ever onward looking for his next challenge.

Marshall Lomolino
Lead Web Developer

Marshall has been designing, maintaining, and developing websites full-time since 2012. He taught himself basic HTML in the late ‘90s. Because of Marshall, our company has embraced responsive web design and continues our long history of cutting edge development.

Sabrina Massa
Senior Graphic Designer

As an amazing natural talent and trained graphic designer, Sabrina is a rare commodity. Her unique design fingerprint is found on every item that leaves our shop. With a background in marketing, Sabrina is a critical part of the creative team and is able to provide a fresh, young vibrancy to all our creations.

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